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Partnership with Plaid

We are happy to announce our partnership with Plaid!

A fintech service that acts as an intermediary link 

between your bank account and financial apps.

HumbleDevs integrated Plaid for a number of businesses.

The most common use cases are:

Instant Bank Verification

Implemented Instant Bank Verification primarily

for collecting ACH payments without micro-deposits and authenticating users.



Leveraged Plaid to retrieve up to 2 years of

historical transactions and PDF asset reports

perfect for underwriting purposes.



Enabled businesses to collect ACH payments

with the lowest fees ranging from a few

cents to a few dollars.

Fraud Detection

Plaid can be used for verifying with trusted source if personal details and identity

provided by user are correct.

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Humble Devs helped develop collecting Earnest Money through ACH using

Plaid for instant bank verification and Stripe as a payment processor.

Using ACH is especially useful with larger amounts of money

because of its low fees, ease of use and convenience.

Plaid Link is initialized in a React Native mobile application and the

logic responsible for bank verification and collecting payments

were implemented in NodeJS backend.

Browser Window

Implemented a Web Application for underwriting agents using Laravel. It is featuring

"New Merchants" page which lets Lendzi users request Plaid Asset Reports

from specified Merchants via email and SMS.

Merchants then receive link to page prompting them to connect bank accounts through Plaid Link.

Shortly after successful bank connection, the requesting Lendzi user receives a

PDF Asset Report via email allowing them to conveniently verify income,

account balances and issue final approval for a loan.

Lastly, Humble Devs integrated Plaid with Zoho CRM system giving users the ability to

request Asset Reports from individual CRM records. Ready Asset Reports are

then attached to associated record as a PDF attachment.

Integrated Plaid Link for users to connect their bank accounts and built

fully-fledged Reporting Pages giving admins insights into connected

bank accounts and historical transactions with an ability to

sort and filter those records at their convenience.

This web application is built with NodeJS,

Dockerized and deployed to AWS.

Let Them Live.png

Enabled ACH donations on Let Them Live WordPress Site by integrating Plaid.

Most donors prefer using ACH over other payment methods primarily

due to lowest transaction fees. Plaid makes it possible and

convenient with instant bank verification.

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Many more businesses benefited from our Plaid integrations.

Contact Us Now to get a quote and integrate

Plaid into Your application!

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