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Income Calculator

Income Calculator gives underwriting agents a holistic picture of their customer’s past income and projected earnings to verify if they are eligible for e.g. a loan.

Lending Operator

Admin tool for companies looking to onboard customers for Argyle link. Generates landing pages, sends text messages and emails to invite users to link Argyle.

Emburse Cards

Marketing website for Emburse Cards featuring exceptionally beautiful landing pages. Developed using the latest technologies with fully-optimized SEO.

Venki App

Platform developed for trading cryptocurrencies with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

It offers advanced charting capabilities and sophisticated trading features.

Mobile Development

Phone Frame


Fetchy helps pet owners give their pets the best

possible care by delivering daily diet and lifestyle recommendations and nutrition reporting.

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An innovative mobile app for reading handwritten

mathematical expressions and computing 

step-by-step solutions.

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